Yielded in His Hands, vessel, marred, honorable, Emily Rose Massey

Using the Bible story found in Jeremiah 18 as inspiration, where we discover God as the great Potter of our lives, as well as the first three verses of Psalm 40, Emily shares her testimony of how the Lord delivered her out of the mire and filthy pit and bondage of sexual sin, set her feet upon the firm foundation of Jesus, chiseled away and softened hardened parts of her marred heart with His Spirit and the water of His Word, and molded her into a beautiful vessel of honor fit for His use. The process on God’s Potter’s wheel could not take place until her entire life was completely surrendered over to Jesus Christ, declaring Him not only as her Savior, but Lord of her life.

In Yielded in His Hands: Becoming a Vessel for God’s Glory, you will discover a life miraculously transformed for God’s glory, as only God the Potter can. Emily’s transparency throughout this book not only aids in sharing traumatic, tragic, and triumphant stories in her life, but also points the readers straight to Jesus, proclaiming, “If He did it for me, He can and will do it for you! You just need to yield your life over to His hands!


“Emily totally captivated me once I began reading. I loved how very raw she was in the book about her life experiences in seeking to make her own way in life, the entanglements of strongholds and sin, and then finally surrendering to the Lord.  Her story would be very powerful for our girls at Mercy, or anyone who has struggled with sexual brokenness.”

-Margaret Troquille, Executive Director of Program Operations of Mercy Multiplied (Formerly Mercy Ministries)

. . . . .

“Emily’s passion and transparency to share her story is nothing short of a miracle. She has risen above and inspires others through her life story. A great read for anyone needing encouragement.”

Renee Fisher, dream coach and consultant, author of six books including, Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me

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“Wow! What a compelling story of one woman’s journey from recklessness to restoration. I caught myself engaged into the realm of the possibilities, if Emily Rose would totally submit her life to the Potter. I even found myself praying she would find God’s hands quickly, and with each turn of the page my heart felt her inner struggle with, living while only wanting to die. I was captivated by her transparency and willingness to lay it all out on the table so others might be saved from the buffet her life choices fed her. This story is the purest example of what happens when little girls grow up without a godly father, the emptiness, lack of self confidence, and the willingness to turn to the arms of anyone who will, if only for a moment, display some kind of love, even if that love is misguided and will eventually cause more harm than good. As I followed her story I became her cheerleader who was saying in my heart. Give me a F, give me an, A give me a T, give me a, H, give me a, E, give me a, R, because He is truly the only One who she could have, yielded in His hands, been  changed from reckless to restoration.”

-Michele Davenport, CEO of Faith Builders Ministries, author of Ripened on the Vine, Choices are for the Living, and From My Heart to Yours

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