Ian Yates’ AWAKEN TO LOVE- A Review

Awaken to love, Ian Yates, music, new release, christian music, music, cdAs a writer, I often receive emails from my readers from all over the world who take the time to let me know that something I wrote encouraged them or inspired them in whatever they were facing at the time. Those emails always encourage and inspire me! Last month, I got another email from a reader of one of my blog posts, but this time, it was from a Christian music artist “across the pond” who stumbled upon my CD review of Matt Redman’s album Unbroken Praise that I wrote last summer. This Liverpool UK music artist’s name was Ian Yates who I had not heard of before, but he just so happened to be a friend of Mr. Redman and even co-wrote “No Longer I” on Unbroken Praise! How cool!

Ian asked me if I would like to review his new upcoming album, Awaken To Love, that releases next month. Without hesitation, I excitedly agreed and patiently waited to hear his new music!

I can boldly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to these 12 songs non-stop for the last month! I listen to a lot of music, and there are very few albums that I can listen through without skipping through a couple songs. Awaken To Love is one of those easy-listening albums that you can just let loop as you work on your computer or on your commute to work.

Ian’s sound, in my opinion, is a mix between Hillsong’s Young and Free and Switchfoot- upbeat, yet very powerfully moving songs that tell of God’s goodness and love.

He even does a version of another Liverpool artists’ song- The Beatle’s “All You Need is Love,” bringing this classic song to a whole new generation with a brand new sound!

I honestly enjoy every song on this album, but my favorite has to be “He has Never Left You,” reminding the listener of God’s faithfulness and nearness. I am a sucker for acoustic guitar!

Awaken To Love releases on September 16th, but you can pre-order it right now on Ian’s website (receive a a signed physical copy plus a digital download), iTunes, and Amazon!

You seriously don’t want to miss out on this new music! Check out the album trailer in the meantime!

For more information about Ian, his music, and how to connect with him, visit his website: www.ianyatesmusic.com!

Thank you , Ian, for sharing your musical gifts all for God’s glory! It was an honor to get to listen to these amazing songs before they are officially released for the world to hear! God Bless!