Crown of Beauty’s SECRETS OF ROYALTY- A Review

Crown of Beauty Magazine, Livy Jarmusch, girls, teens, ministry, devotional, book review, book, new release As I have posted previously, I have been seriously wrestling with the truth that God doesn’t need me to do anything for Him to love me, He is simply just content with me being His daughter.

This concept is SO counter-cultural!

Success to the world is solely based upon our performance and what we can accomplish, so if we aren’t accomplishing anything, then we can so often feel like failures or losers!

I think this quote from author and writer, Brenda Craig, explains it best:

“Performance is what matters to the world. Success and rest will be a result of your submission to God. Submission creates an assurance of success. Rest and time with God is contrary to the programming of the world. It contradicts the belief that the more you do, the more you are. You are because God is. Self-determination along with self-achievement is the way of the spirit of the world. It erases the tender mercies the Lord puts in your heart, producing a hard heart toward others. This is the hard way. Put first things first and everything else will function and work out as it should. Enter the Lord’s rest and see His right hand move valiantly on your behalf.”

The enemy is always trying to bring doubt regarding our worth by trying to get us to compare our lives with one another, and I believe a lot of us struggle with being content with just being God’s child, entering His rest, and trusting He is working all things together for your good (Romans 8:28). Questioning our worth and value is something that I believe begins at a very early age the minute we enter school or an organization that judges us based upon our performance. We get a certain grade for our school-work and as we get older, people judge our success based upon our job-title or how much money we make. As humans, our hearts yearn for acceptance, validation, and worth. It’s because we were made for a royal status from the very beginning of creation.

In America, our only perception of royalty is Hollywood celebrities. If someone becomes famous or even achieves a well-known name in their sphere of influence, then they have REALLY MADE IT! They are REALLY SOMEBODY!

But do you want to know something?

When Jesus died for you on the Cross and shed His Blood so that you would have forgiveness of sins, new life everlasting, and restored relationship with your Heavenly Father, He made a way FOR YOU into the Kingdom of God and to the Lord, You ARE really SOMEBODY! And since He is the King of Kings, you are royalty!

We no longer need to feel like failures or losers if we don’t have many accomplishments to show the world.


Because Jesus accomplished it all for us and His performance on the Cross is all that matters to the Father! He is pleased with our faith in His Son and what He did on that Cross! Understanding that faith in Jesus Christ makes us royalty in the Kingdom of God, without having to perform for God to accept us or work to achieve this royal status, is the most amazing news for those who choose to believe!

Perhaps the world needs this message of royal identity more than we even know!

That’s why I am so ecstatic that a dear sister in Christ, Livy Jarmusch, Founder of Crown of Beauty online magazine for girlscommitted to writing Secrets of Royalty, a wonderful 31 day devotional for girls and teens (and women of all ages, really!) that releases later this summer. I was privileged to get a sneak peak at a couple sample chapters. Although Livy’s ministry is focused more on girls and teens, I was completely captivated by the story too! I was so deeply moved by the truths that Livy shares regarding our place as princesses in the Kingdom of God when we believe and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ! Each chapter shares the fictional fairy-tale story of a redeeming king that mirrors the true story of our Kinsman-Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

I honestly think this book would be fantastic for mothers and daughters to read together. You moms out there may be surprised at how this devotional strengthens your faith and walk with the Lord right along side your daughter’s!

No matter our age, I believe we all need to know how God sees His daughters, as Royal Princesses in His majestic Kingdom! That truth will change how you live the rest of your life! I know it is changing mine!

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