God the Potter, God the Father

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At three o’clock in the morning, the Lord downloaded some more to my heart regarding my next book.

To be honest, I have spent so many months reviewing other authors’ work that I was starting to wonder if I even have what it takes to be a writer or author of more books. It seems like those around me who are called to write books, pump them out like baking pies on Thanksgiving, one right after the other, but I struggle to find any inspiration or time to sit down and finish a thought-provoking article in addition to a simple book review. My days are filled with chasing toddlers (my own and a dear friend of mine’s), laundry, vacuuming, making lunches and dinners, squeezing in a work-out before I pass out for the day, and trying to keep my devotional life with the Lord alive in the midst of it all.

How will I ever finish writing another book?

I keep wondering that maybe, just maybe, these reviews that I have been writing lately are seeds sown, and I will eventually see other authors/bloggers write reviews of my very own books. It’s hard not to bite my tongue since I already have written a book and don’t receive many reviews, but my publisher doesn’t operate quite like the bigger fish out there.

Continuing to bite my tongue on that topic…

Anyway, just when I thought I may never write another book, the Lord connected the dots between my first book and what will be my second work. And He gave me this revelation and instruction exactly how He did with the first one- through a church service and sermon just after a major transition with a church move.

In February this year, shortly after my first book released, the Lord woke me up around 3 AM (fancy that) and started to reveal to me exactly what He wanted me to write my next book about- The Father.


He gave me the title and then began to share with me bits and pieces of the outline that would serve as the backbone of the book.

Tell them they have a Daddy. Tell them they are loved. Tell them I have never abandoned them and never will. I will always provide. I will always protect.

I knew that I wanted to write my next book to help Christians on their walk with a foundation in discipleship and teaching through the Word of God, somewhat like Joyce Meyers does with her 100+ repertoire, but I wanted my own story to be shared throughout it as well, since I know that testifying for Jesus is a specific mandate for my life.

So last night, or this morning…
…God began showing me who else He wants to share their own personal story in this book as well.


Whether it was joyous and loving or hurtful and damaging.

Whether he was/is distant or deceased.

Whether it was affected by divorced or he simply was a workaholic.

Then the list of people began to form. Right now, I would like to ask those who currently have a desire to write their own story share it and for those who may not have the gift in writing, maybe they wouldn’t mind if I penned it for them. I will definitely be in prayer for some time before I begin to reach out to the contributors. If you feel as if you are supposed to add your story to this book, please join me in praying as well, and don’t hesitate contacting me in the time being.

The connection between Yielded in His Hands, which uses my very own life testimony to reveal God as the Potter of our lives, and this next one, which will reveal God as our Father, can be found in Isaiah 64:8:

But now, O Lord,
You are our Father;
We are the clay, and You our Potter;
And all we are the work of Your hand. (NKJV, emphasis added)

How awesome is that!

I think I even quoted this scripture in Yielded in His Hands discussing God as the Potter, but had no clue that my next book would discuss the Father, and both are found in this verse! Not a coincidence…but TOTALLY God!

It’s so true that God enjoys revealing Himself step by step so that we continue to seek Him and enjoy the process. I love discovering how He would link my first and second book like this…
…and of course He is using His Word to guide me.

My desire is to go throughout the Bible and find wherever it talks about God as the Father and uphold truth against lies the enemy has spoken to my generation regarding the fatherless, as well as weaving the text together with personal stories of those who would like to share with the readers how their relationship (or lack thereof) with their earthly father affected how they approached and related to their Heavenly Father.

We are not abandoned.

Jesus came so that we would know the Father through Him. Through His death, burial, and resurrection, He made a way for us to the Father. Now all can experience God’s love and have unending Fellowship with our Creator and Heavenly Father. Sadly, we often see such a poor reflection of the Father through our earthly dads. But Jesus…

As I write this out, I also see another book brewing…the tainted reflection of our covenantal marriages revealing Jesus’ covenant with His Bride, the Church. But that’s for another time, I suppose.

Stay tuned, my friends.

I’m thrilled to begin this writing journey! In His time, as always.



Emily Rose Massey

Emily Rose began writing short stories and poetry as a little girl, entered the blogging world in her early 20's, and published her first book, Yielded in His Hands (eLectio Publishing, 2015) all before the age of 30. After tirelessly trying to pursue a career as an actress, God intervened, changed her heart, and redirected her steps back to her passion for writing. She now enjoys freelance writing while being a stay-at-home momma. She and her husband have served in many areas of ministry leadership over the years, including, music ministry, prayer ministry, drama ministry, children's ministry, and student ministry. Believing she has been forgiven of much, Emily loves much, and desires to point others to Jesus and His redemptive and transforming power! "I am a vessel for God to flow through to reach others for His Kingdom and His glory!"

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