Max Lucado’s Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer- A Review

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A book on prayer?


Wait, do I really need to read another book on prayer?

A resounding YES!

And not just any book on prayer, but Max Lucado’s newest book, Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer.

This book is a game changer in your spiritual arena. And as a bonus,  it comes with a study guide to further sharpen your warfare skills.

And if you are like me, you could always use a little more battle training.

Although I have been called a “prayer warrior” by friends on different occassions, I definitely have my days when I feel like I am a member of the “PWA: Prayer Wimps Anoynonous,” as Mr. Lucado so humerously describes it at the beginning of Before Amen (pg 1).

Instead of over-analyzing and over-complicating prayer, Mr. Lucado guides the reader through a very simple prayer that he calls the “Pocket Prayer” (aptly highlighted as the titles of each chapter) by using the Lord’s Prayer that Jesus so graciously laid out for us in the sixth chapter of Matthew in the Bible as the template.

By sharing countless examples from personal testimonies from Max’s own life and others who he has met or heard their stories of the miraculous power of prayer, each chapter then discusses in wonderful detail how that mini prayer can unfold during your time simply talking to God, and not just rushing through a time slot somewhere in your busy schedule, but throughout your entire day.

These awesome testimonies of answered prayer found in this book shine a spot-light on God’s faithfulness and goodness and help stir your faith and increase your understanding.

But more than that, for me, it shined a light on areas of my prayer life that seemed to lack faith and understanding.

A very quick read, it didn’t take long for my eyes to be opened to the reality that I could still need some help in my revelation of who I was talking to throughout the day.

I have to admit because of a challenging and wounded relationship with my earthly father who was emotionally distant, praying to God, my Heavenly Father, only wounded my idea of God even more, and for many years I tried to understand how the Creator of the Universe loved me, much less cared about my life.

Needless to say, Mr. Lucado helped re-dress that healing wound in my heart in the chapter titled “Father…Daddy.”

Max unashamedly declares on page 19, “If prayer depends on how I pray, I’m sunk. But if the power of prayer depends on the One who hears the prayer, and if the One who hears the prayer is my Daddy, then I have hope.”

Is God a daddy to me? Do I see Him as MY Daddy?

Before Amen strengthened my answer to those questions and helped me see God even clearer as my Daddy who is always there for me no matter what and loves talking with me everyday.

I believe that is where many stumble, right out of the gate,  when it comes to prayer.

If we can’t get past our pride or misunderstandings of the Father, and haphazardly aim our requests into the air just hoping and wishing someone hears them,  we are missing out on it all.

Based on the statistics of the rise of divorce and broken homes, now more than ever, this generation desperately needs to know they have a daddy that loves them more than anyone else in their entire life and wants to spend time with them all day everyday!

Before Amen shouts that from the mountain-top and opened up my spiritual ears and heart to receive my Father’s overwhelming love. Knowing that I am loved by God, I long to dive even deeper into prayer as I grow in my understanding of what it means to worship the Lord, ask for my own needs and the needs of others to be met, experience forgiveness through the Blood of Jesus and learn to forgive, and walk out my whole day with a heart of thanksgiving of all that the Lord has done for me.

This book ignited a fire in my heart to once again seek out the passion and excitement of running into my Daddy’s lap and talking to Him about anything and everything, knowing that I don’t have to go through life alone.

I believe after reading this book, you will experience the same kind of fire in your prayer life as well. Definitely be sure to add it to your checklist for 2015!

Purchase Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer today, Family Christian‘s book of the year!




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