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Emily Rose Massey, author, Yielded in His Hands, writer, blogger, Christian, faithHello there and welcome!

My name is Emily Rose Massey (as my website so cleverly lets you all know) and one of my greatest desires in life is to give God glory with my whole life! I long to point others closer to Jesus Christ and tell of His redemptive and transforming grace, as we discover more and more of our intended purpose here on this earth, all while learning what it means to glorify God with every fiber of our being!

It is by God’s grace that I can say that I have been forgiven of much, therefore I love much. Loving others, to me, is connecting them to a life of wholeness (nothing missing, nothing broken) that only can first be found in Jesus Christ. 

No matter the topic, I want to be a vessel for God’s truth and love, giving God all of the glory and all of my worship in every single word!

Because of my very own personal journey with discovering my identity in Jesus Christ by God’s grace, my heart is also to encourage anyone who has struggled with belonging and self-worth, and let them know that nothing will ever be able to satisfy like the Father’s love.

I live in St. Louis, MO with my husband, our furry son, and our two sweet princes, who I get the joy and privilege of watching grow up as I work from home as a freelance writer for various ministries and magazines.

I am a contributing writer to iBelieve.com and Crosswalk.com and a journalist with Grace Hill Media. My writing has also been featured in print publications such as Lifeway Women’s Journey Devotional Magazine (contributing writer since 2015) and Shattered Magazine.

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